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July Talk @ MacEwan Hall

July Talk

July Talk is one of those bands that can truly captivate an audience. With the contrast between the raspy vocals of Peter Dreimanis and the sweet voice of Leah Fay, along with an interpersonal dynamic and improvised theatrics between the two that is captivating. The two wasted no time immediately leaving the stage to stand on the speakers to great the capacity crowd at McEwan Hall. Dreimanis started the night off on keyboards as the band launched the set with “Picturing Love”, one of their offering of their latest album “Touch”. It was a heavily backlit affair as what spotlights shot out from the back of the stage, with a minimal front of house lighting. Yeah captivated the audience as she danced along with the music. July Talk is one of those band that I can honestly say has to been seen live, and are truly great performers and musicians.

Set for the night:

Picturing Love
Summer Dress
Johnny & Mary
Now I Know
Guns & Ammunition
Lola & Joseph
Strange Habit
Beck & Call
Push & Pull
Rationed Well
Blood & Honey
My Neck


Favorite Concert Photos of 2016

It is hard to believe how fast the year has gone. 2016 was a particularly hard year for me personally. From losing the outlet for my work, that ultimately keeps the studios lights on, after the sale of Corbis Images. As well as the direct effect on my family of the Fort McMurray fires, and by far the scariest, my father's health. These thing all had a affect on how I pictured things through the lens, but I had a great year working the Juno Awards, the inaugural YYC Music Awards, and of course the many talent artists I have had the privilege of working with in 2016.

I have to thank all the artists that have allowed me to photograph them throughout the past year, as well all my clients for your creative projects, and choosing me as your photographer. Most of all thank you to anyone has for a moment enjoyed a single photograph I have taken, wether you have realized it or not. If only for a moment one of my captures touched you, I am eternally grateful. 

On that note please enjoy my favourites from 2016 (shown in order of date taken).

Have a happy holiday season, and wishing you a happy a prosperous New Year!





NOFX + Pears @ MacEwan Hall

The roots of punk rock still run deep in Calgary. MacEwan Hall was at capacity with a sold out crowd there to take in Los Angles based punk rockers NoFX. After thirty plus years NoFX is still going strong, the crowd was pulsating awaiting Fat Mike and the rest of the crew to take the stage. Crowd surfing was happening among the crowd before the first note was even played. But what was different about this crowd was the number of young punk fans in the audience. I mean young, as I spoke to a man who had brought his seven year old son, as they both loved the music, the father from his skate days, and his seven year old in the now. There were dozens of similar stories this into the crowd. Lots of high fives for the young fans, as there was a comradery among the fans that was palatable.

NoFx and Pears would not disappoint with a high energy moshing good time. Fat Mike donned the sunglasses by the second song as he indicated they have been playing hard on the tour. With Trump being presidential-elect the day before and American NoFX, still firing on all cylinders, and a very young fans in attendence it seems like the perfect storm for a resurgence of punk.

A madhouse, tongue and check, and full of life.

If you have the chance check them out on this tour. You will no regret it.

Photos and words originally posted on Concert Addicts.

NoFX + Pears