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Alkatine, 7's Wild & Broken Authority

I first heard Calgary based Alkatine, when they opened for the Headstones last year. Simply put I was taken by surprise. A solid hard rock sound and equally solid stage presence. Alkatine is all that is rock and roll should be. Driving songs like "Razor Train" to more soulful offerings like "Dear Moonshine" showcase what this band has to offer. Last year saw them open for the Headstones, Blind Melon, and Moist. Unfortunately I missed their last performance with Moist, due to the Grey Cup. So when the opportunity arose to see them at the Bling Beggar in Calgary. I was in. The Beggar is more intimate setting, and these guys fed off the energy of the packed venue. If you have the chance go and see these guys live, if you love rock, you will love Alkatine. 

The night was all rock as Broken Authority and 7's Wild opened the night. A great show with some of Calgary's up and coming.