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Against Me!

This was a busy night for me, in that I had to race across town to make it to the show. While on paper I should have had plenty of time, traffic never co-operates when time is of the essence. I was shooting Canadian Rock Legends Rush earlier in the evening at the Saddledome, thankfully they had no opening act, and luckily there were three openers for Against Me! This gave me the time I needed to get there, as it is a hike from parking on campus to the MacEwan Hall Ballroom.

I have to say that the energy was fantastic, and helped keep me going, as I was beat from my jog with a ton of gear to make it on time. Laura Jane Grace is simply charismatic on stage, but to be honest I have wanted to see her ever since seeing her interviewed on George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight on 2014 which impressed the hell out of me. 

Anyways I hope you enjoy the photos which were originally published on Concert Addicts.