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Northlane - Frozen Flame Tour

Northlane, was energetic and intense. One of the four bands opening for August Burns Red on the Frozen Flame Tour. The energy ramped up when they took the stage, as bodies hurled over the barrier exiting from the crowd surfing wave. At times when the band jumped on stage, the crowd would follow in unison, sending a rhythmic shockwave through the venue. 

Dallas Smith

Dallas Smith was best known to me as the lead singer of the rock band Default. I personally have Defaults' first album "The Fallout", which I felt unjustly never peaked in the charts despite the #1 hit "Wasting My Time." That being said I was interested to hear Smith's latest incarnation. Judging from the sold out crowd, and their high energy before Smith even took the stage, that it was going to be a show to remember. 

It was.

People sang along as Smith and his band put out a high performance show that fed into an already high energy crowd. Simply put a good time. If you are a country music fan, Dallas Smith is well worth seeing live as the atmosphere is something in itself. Don't expect cowboy hats, or Nashville theatrics, expect genuine and vocally solid performance. 

Buckcherry @ Deerfoot Inn & Casino

There is no doubt in my mind that front-man of Buckcherry Josh Todd is a truly energetic performer with great stage presence. The band launched straight into it with "Lit Up" followed up by "Imminent Bail Out" from their 2008 album "Black Butterfly". Followed by "All Night Long", "SFWM". The band then started to slow things down with "Everything", and their popular rock ballad "Sorry".

Josh then relayed a story about how he hated his history teacher in high school, and would get high before class, before breaking into "Dirty Mind" to pick up the pace once again. They followed with "Sunshine" and then "I Don't Give a Fuck" a song from the bands latest release "Fuck" (EP 2014). "Gluttony", "Wrath", and "Borderline" rounded out the set. 

The band closed with "Crazy Bitch" which had everyone at the venue going, and bringing them back for the encore performance of "I Don't Give a Fuck" and "Too Drunk".

Great performance from a band that is all that rock and roll embraces.