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August Burns Red - Frozen Flame Tour

Photos of metalcore powerhouse August Burns Red on the Frozen Flame Tour. This was the final stop in Canada, but was not the final stop on the tour. The sold out crowd was full energized, and the mosh pit was in full effect.


August Burns Red "The Frozen Flame Tour" - San Antonio, Tx - Feb 24th, 2015

54-40 @ Deerfoot Inn & Casino

To start off 54-40's sold out Calgary show, Neil Osbourne took the stage and explained that normally for their concerts that they have 'entry music', but since they didn't have that they were going to do something different.

Something different in this case meant that he was going to start with a solo acoustical version of 'One Day'. The audience was hooked. With thirteen albums plus of material 54-40 put on a solid show, with songs spanning their 30 years.

The set for Calgary was "One Day", "Easy to Love", "Lies to Me", "Crossing a Canyon", "Nice to Love You", "The Waiting", "Baby Ran", "Radio Love Song", "She Calls Us One", "One Gun", "She La", "Since When", "Casual Viewin", "Ocean Pearl", "I Go Blind", and "Luv You All".

I have to say that if you haven't seen 54-40 in concert it is well worth seeing them perform live, they will not disappoint as they are flawless live. To see when they are in your neck of the woods check out their tour information on